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Mobile Home Demolition in the Lafayette, LA Area

Hire Ragin’ Containers For Your Mobile Home Demolition Service in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Welcome to Ragin’ Containers, Lafayette, Louisiana’s premier mobile home demolition service. We are here to guide you through the process of mobile home removal, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to help you reclaim your property.



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Understanding the Costs of Mobile Home Demolition

The demolition of a mobile home is an affordable process compared to other demolition projects. On average, the cost hovers around $2,600. However, the price can vary based on several factors related to the construction and condition of your mobile home.

For instance, if your mobile home features a shingle roof, it may require additional labor for removal, and the increased weight will lead to higher disposal fees. Each project is unique, and our team is committed to providing an accurate and transparent quote, tailored to the specifics of your mobile home.

DIY Cost Reduction

If you have the strength and a little bit of demolition know-how, you could save on costs by dismantling parts of your mobile home yourself. While the outer steel panels may present a challenge, the remainder of the mobile home can often be deconstructed with relative ease.

Moreover, the scrap materials you recover from your mobile home can be a source of revenue. The average 12 ft x 60 ft mobile home, for instance, can yield anywhere from $200-$700 worth of recycled metal. This not only reduces your removal cost but also contributes to environmental sustainability by recycling usable materials.

Our Commitment

Ragin’ Containers stands by its commitment to offering cost-effective and transparent mobile home demolition services to the residents of Lafayette, Youngsville, New Iberia, and beyond. We understand the importance of balancing cost, efficiency, and environmental impact, and we strive to embody these values in every project we undertake.

By choosing Ragin’ Containers, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re choosing a partner that respects your budget, your property, and your peace of mind. Whether it’s understanding the cost implications of your mobile home demolition or exploring DIY options, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

For more information or to receive a personalized quote for your mobile home demolition, please feel free to contact us. Let’s work together towards a cleaner, more spacious future for your property.

Free Mobile Home Removal when you donate your mobile home or trailer house.

Welcome to Ragin’ Containers, your trusted solution for mobile home demolition services in Lafayette, Louisiana, and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our commitment to helping our community members remove unwanted mobile homes and alleviate the burden of unnecessary property taxes.

At Ragin’ Containers, we want to help you get rid of your mobile home with minimal headaches. That’s why we’ve launched our mobile home demotion program, which allows you to donate your unwanted mobile home to us.

Why do we do this? Because we understand that sometimes an old mobile home can become more of a liability than an asset. We want to offer you an efficient solution for getting that unwanted mobile home off your land, without having to reach into your pocket.

Benefits of Our Mobile Home Demolition Services

When you decide to work with us, you are not just removing an unwanted property; you’re unlocking multiple benefits:

  • No Cost Removal: Our service doesn’t cost you a penny. We’re dedicated to removing unwanted mobile homes from your property, hassle-free.
  • Tax Deductions: As an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we offer you the chance to receive a tax deduction for your mobile home donation, adding a financial incentive to your decision.
  • Reduced Property Taxes: By removing an old, unwanted mobile home, you can potentially reduce your property taxes.

Our Service Areas

Based in Lafayette, Ragin’ Containers proudly extends its mobile home demolition services to Youngsville, New Iberia, and various surrounding areas of Louisiana. If you’re unsure whether we cover your location, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always expanding our services to reach more people in our community.

Ragin’ Containers is here to help you make the most out of your property.

For more information, or to schedule your free mobile home removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are eager to assist you in any way possible.