Junk Removal

Junk Removal and Construction Cleanup in the Carencro, LA Area


Claim your space! If you are moving or downsizing, we will pick up unwanted furniture, clothes, books, household materials, and donate them for you. We can make almost anything disappear, from broken TVs to outdated furniture, and so much more.

And we do more than just junk removal. Our live load services can help you with disaster debris, property cleanup, and so much more.

Don’t let your junk or debris get in the way of reclaiming your property.

Our Standard, Bulk Pricing for Junk Removal is as follows

  • Minimum Charge: $99
  • 1/8 Load: (Equivalent to .75 Pick Up Truck Load) $149
  • 1/6 Load: (Equivalent to 1 Pick Up Truck Load) $189
  • 1/4 Load (Equivalent to 1.5 Pick Up Truck Loads) $229
  • 1/3 Load (Equivalent to 2 Pick Up Truck Loads) $269
  • 3/8 Load (Equivalent to 2.25 Pick Up Truck Loads) $309
  • 1/2 Load (Equivalent to 3 Pick Up Truck Loads) $349
  • 5/8 Load (Equivalent to 3.75 Pick Up Truck Loads) $389
  • 2/3 Load (Equivalent to 4 Pick Up Truck Loads) $429
  • 5/6 Load (Equivalent to 5 Pick Up Truck Loads) $509
  • 7/8 Load (Equivalent to 5.25 Pick Up Truck Loads) $549
  • Full Load (Equivalent to 6 Pick Up Truck Loads) $575

*Pricing includes pickup, disposal, 1 hour of labor & all applicable taxes and fees.

 job site cleanup services in Carencro, Louisiana

Homeowners and contractors, our junk removal service and job site cleanup services will help you refocus on your other tasks.

We donate your junk

Why not give back in the process of removing your junk? When you get rid of your junk, we will donate those items to charities to help people in need. It’s a win-win for everyone.